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  • Saturday Session Classes are February 15 and February 29 from 9 to 11:30 AM.
  • CLICK HERE to see Family Session Class Schedule.
  • March 7 will be First Communion Retreat. CLICK HERE for details.
  • For further information, please call the RE office at 708-636-4373 by email religioused@stlinusschool.org.



WE BELIEVE in the Second Vatican Council's statement on formation and education: that as baptized persons are gradually introduced into a knowledge of the mystery of salvation, that they may daily grow more conscious of the gift of Faith which they have received; that they may learn to adore God the Father in spirit of truth...and that in our religious formation at Saint Linus, our children/teens will learn how to relate all human culture to the news of salvation so that the light of Faith will illuminate their knowledge of the world, of life, and of humankind.

WE BELIEVE as stated in the pastoral letter, TO TEACH AS JESUS DID, that the purpose of our catechetical ministry is to proclaim authentically and fully the message of Jesus, to foster an understanding of and build community in all areas of life, and to encourage service to each other for the good of all.

WE BELIEVE that our program should be a "true community of the faith in which the formational efforts of Catholic families are complimented, reinforced, and extended".

WE BELIEVE that you have entrusted your children to us to deepen the Faith that you as parents/guardians have given to them.

WE BELIEVE they we can do very little to help your child grow in Faith without your complete cooperation, e.g. attendance at parent meetings, celebrating the Eucharist and the Sacraments together, reinforcement of Christian values in the home.

WE BELIEVE that the goal of religious formation is to make us aware of the action of God in our lives--both within us and outside us. That religious formation is faith experience brought to understanding.

Father Mark Walter - St. Linus Parish Pastor
Dr. Cheryl Antos - St. Linus Director of Religious Education



  • Saint Linus Office of Religious Education - 10300 S. Lawler Avenue in Oak Lawn, IL 60453
  • Monday thru Friday (Summer) - 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
  • Monday thru Friday (Sept - May) - 10 am to 5 pm



  • Call Dr. Cheryl Antos at 708-636-4373 or by email religioused@stlinusschool.org
  • Sundays and Evenings by appointment only
  • Absentee messages anytime Day or Night at 708-636-4373



Do you feel a calling from God to become a catechist? - We would like you to consider serving the church by becoming a catechist for St. Linus Parish.

What are the qualifications you ask? - A desire to share the faith with the young members of our parish as well as grow in your own faith.

Please contact Dr. Cheryl Antos to learn more about this wonderful ministry.

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