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MAY 18, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It’s time to register for Religious Education for 2021-22! - After a challenging year due to the pandemic, preparation for 2021-22 has begun. We are looking forward to an exciting year of faith formation. What a gift we give to children and teens of this wonderful parish, the gift of faith! We are planning the next year with decisive anticipation. I am in the process of learning various ways to provide religious education to your children in the safest and most delicate manner. I will keep you informed regarding new direction in the future.


We have been working on the registration packet for the 2021-22 year.

  • WHAT IS NEW? - The registration forms are provided in both pdf and Word. You can print out the forms (there are 3 of them), and mail them to us or drop it in the mail slot at the rectory. OR if you have the capacity to do it off your computer, you can send the completed forms back to us via our email religioused@stlinusschool.org.
  • If your child is preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and/or First Eucharist, the registration form allows the family to register for the sacraments as well, eliminating the additional forms. Registration for Confirmation will continue to be a separate form provided at the Confirmation meeting.
    Religious Education Registration Letter to Parents and Guardians - May 18, 2021 - PDF Document
  • FORM 1
    Religious Education Registration Form - Fillable PDF Document - TYPE ONLINE, SAVE IN COMPUTER AND PRINT OR EMAIL AS ATTCHMENT!
    If you are registering more than 1 dhild, each child needs their own registration. There is a GRADE request in the left corner on the top. The sacrament information portion of the registration form is needed only from the incoming 2nd Grader or older children seeking First Reconciliation / First Eucharist or incoming 8th Grader seeking Confirmation.
  • FORM 2
    Medical Information and Information for Medical Treatment - Word Document   -OR-
    Medical Information and Information for Medical Treatment - Fillable PDF Document - TYPE ONLINE, SAVE IN COMPUTER AND PRINT OR EMAIL AS ATTCHMENT!
  • FORM 3
    Finance Commitment - Word Document   -OR-
    We have set August 31st --- as the deadline for returning registration forms and monies.
    There is a substantial raise in tuition after August 31, 2021 so you are strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible. Send Payment with Registration by regular mail or CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE VIA GIVECENTRAL.

You will notice that there is NO increase in tuition. Religious Education is an investment in the faith life of children and families. Good stewardship is the key to the quality of catechesis we offer our parishioners here at St. Linus. If all of us, myself included, does our best in budgeting, paying bills, paying tuition and fees, the cost of the investment could certainly be contested. Unfortunately, some do not practice this stewardship, and have strained the budgeting affects, especially when unpaid tuition and fees are not responsibly taken into account. Hence, we all are subject to these situations, and increases must be distributed. We highly encourage that families make their commitment early so to not be hit with additional late fees. An "early payment incentive" will be given to those who pay entire tuition by August 31st! Please see the financial form above.


In an effort to keep our tuition and fees within the reach of our parishioners while at the same time providing the opportunity for parents/guardians to cover a fair share of the cost of the Religious Education Program you will notice that we have listed ALL costs for the various sacramental programs, as well as the fee for the children’s Bibles. Only NEW students in grades 4-8 and the incoming 3rd graders will need Bibles for 2021-22. We realize that 3rd grade (incoming 4th grade) did not receive bibles during the 2020-2021 year. If you purchased a bible last year, your child will receive it this coming fall. The bible used in the Religious Education Program is the Catholic New American Bible, Revised Edition

There is a financial commitment for EACH family. Please complete and return them with your registration forms. You’ll notice that we ask for the grade your child will be in September 2021 not your child’s present grade level.


We have a way to earn tuition credits. The program is SCIP (Shopping Certificate Incentive Program). If you aren’t familiar with this program please ask about it. We have several families who have free or almost free tuition this year because they have faithfully used SCIP for the past twelve months! We congratulate them and hope others will get involved. Please utilize this user friendly fund raiser to keep our budget in check! How can you not participate in this win/win opportunity!


Parents/guardians of all new students must present a copy of their child's Baptismal certificate along with the registration. This includes children baptized at Saint Linus.

Since it is impossible for us to know who will have new students for next year (first graders) please contact the office for additional registration forms, if you are the parent/guardian of a first grader for next fall. We’ll gladly send you the necessary forms so you can keep your family’s packet together.


This year we will again be offering three options for the children’s catechetical formation. Families may be part of a group who work together with their children and meet regularly throughout the year. This option is Family Catechesis and is a good one for those who want to work closely as a family on the formal religious education of their children or who cannot manage Saturday morning sessions. Parents and children meet about once a month on a weekday evening. This option combines the flexibility of individual home study with community formation. If you prefer Family Catechesis for your child, please indicate this when you return your registration packet. We need at least 5 or 6 families at a grade level to make this option work well. Check this option on the top of your registration form, please.

For those families who need flexibility in catechesis because of parents’ jobs and other commitments, Individual Home Study is a viable option. Parents and their children work at home on the material and then come in individually for hour sessions with the Director of Religious Education about five times during the year. If you prefer Individual Home Study for your child, please indicate this when you return your registration packet. Please check this option on the top of your registration form. You must also discuss this option with me as well.

We will continue to offer the Class option provided we have catechists available to serve the children at each grade level. All of our catechists are volunteers. Please check this option on the top of your registration form and see the form in this packet regarding volunteers.


At Saint Linus both First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are celebrated in the second grade. First Reconciliation is usually in December and First Eucharist in May so that families have time to prepare their children for these sacraments. Confirmation is celebrated in eighth grade.

CONFIRMATION PROGRAM. . . The Confirmation preparation is now two years. Students who have skipped Religious Education and have not attended classes prior to 7th grade will be registered in “Year 1” and will need to remain registered in the 8th grade year, “Year 2” in order to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Tuition and fees must be paid for each year the student is enrolled. Current seventh grade students will receive the Confirmation information through email sometime in early June.


You will notice that there is a separate registration and medical form for multiple children in the household. We comply with the provisions of the Buckley Amendment for the safety and wellbeing of your children as well as because of Archdiocesan policy. We MUST have current and accurate information on file in case of an emergency. Medical forms are only good for one year and needs to be filled out on an annual basis.


We have set August 31st --- as the deadline for returning registration forms and monies. There is a substantial raise in tuition after August 31, 2021 so you are strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible. Keep this parent letter. Return the completed forms either by mail or by emailing to our email address religioused@stlinusschool.org. You might want to pay online via GiveCentral by CLICKING HERE.

In advance, I thank you for registering early. I am looking forward to another year of faith formation here at St. Linus. It is a pleasure and privilege to work with you and your children.

God bless you!

Dr. Cheryl Antos
Pastoral Associate / Director of Religious Education

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