Member T-Shirts for Sale $10 Each

Ladies Guild T-Shirts

Member T-Shirts: Why not pick up one of these comfy cotton purple T-Shirts at a great bargain price of $10? Profits from your purchase will go toward funding one of our many service projects scheduled this year.

We are offering Ladies Guild t-shirts to our members this year to help raise money for our free events. We only have a limited quantity available. The shirts are a favorite! We have Gildan brand cotton shirts and they are a comfortable woman’s shirt which means the sleeves are narrower than the men’s cut.

If you’d like to purchase a shirt with cash or a check, please contact Sofia Marin: mrs.marin (at) and let her know the size you’d like.

We will also have shirts available for purchase at our first meeting on September 29 at 7 pm in the Cardiff Center.

We have the Following Member T-Shirts in Adult Sizes:






To purchase your shirt online via PayPal, just fill out the online form and click the button below:

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