Roll of Honor List of Past Ladies Guild Presidents

This is our “Roll of Honor” that has always been traditionally listed on the back of the annual trifold sent to active members in the parish. Listed here are all our past Guild presidents, from the current president down through the years to the very first president and founder of our Guild, back in 1959. Our organization has a long history of leadership in forming bonds among the women of our parish through participation in social, spiritual, and service activities.

“When we volunteer, we give more than our time, energy, and talent: we give ourselves, we give the gift of love.”

Our ACCW Ladies Guild Chapter Presidents

2016-17 Mrs. Caryn Talty

2015-2016  Mrs. Tiffany Silva-Sales

2014-2015  Mrs. Julie Cooper

2013-2014 Mrs. Diane Schroeder

2012-2013 Ms. Hannah Hayes

2011-2012 Ms. Denice Vogrich

2010-2011 Mrs. Jane Kokaska

2009-2010 Mrs. Laura Earner

2008-2009 Mrs. Alison Gannon

2007-2008 Mrs. Sandy Horn

2006-2007 Mrs. Noreen Radice

2005-2006 Mrs. Betty Fell

2004-2005 Mrs. Lynn Lowery

2003-2004 Mrs. Andrea Benegas

2002-2003 Mrs. Tammy Kummerer

2001-2002 Mrs. Mary Hanigan

2000-2001 Mrs. Constance Molloy

1999-2000 Mrs. Sharon O’Connor

1998-1999 Mrs. Janine Giermak

1997-1998 Mrs. Kathleen Collins

1996-1997 Mrs. Laurie Mullane

1995-1996 Mrs. Susan Malatt

1994-1995 Mrs. Ellen Malone

1993-1994 Mrs. Donna Chmiel

1992-1993 Mrs. Carol Sebek

1991-1992 Mrs. Ginny Griffin

1990-1991 Mrs. Debbie Skelly

1989-1990 Mrs. James Guyette

1988-1989 Mrs. Len Shankman

1987-1988 Mrs. Terrence LeCompte

1986-1987 Mrs. Charles Farrell

1985-1986 Mrs. Martin McDonnell

1984-1985 Mrs. Yordan Vulich

1983-1984 Mrs. Alfred Janowski

1982-1983 Mrs. Richard Piarowski

1981-1982 Mrs. William Hickey

1980-1981 Mrs. James McNicholas

1979-1980 Mrs. Edward Wollenberg

1978-1979 Mrs. Georg Lehman

1977-1978 Mrs. Robert Sheely

1976-1977 Mrs. Donald Kordell

1975-1976 Mrs. Bernard Suchy

1974-1975 Mrs. Walter Klawitter

1973-1974 Mrs. Eugene Mele

1972-1973 Mrs. Thomas Powers

1971-1972 Mrs. LeRoy Corradino

Past Presidents of the Formerly Known Tabernacle Guild

1970-1971 Mrs. Richard Ryan

1969-1970 Mrs. Kenneth Hansen

1968-1969 Mrs. William LaVoie

1967-1968 Mrs. William Edwards

1966-1967 Mrs. Ernest DiJulio

1965-1966 Mrs. Donald Ronan

1964-1965 Mrs. Arthur DeLance

1963-1964 Mrs. Joseph Walsh

1962-1963 Mrs. William Kuenster

1961-1962 Mrs. James Hughes

1960-1961 Mrs. Harry Jablonski

1959-1960 Mrs. Thomas O’Connell