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The first day of Fall calls for apple tasting in Kindergarten!
The students tasted red, green and yellow apples and graphed their favorites!
There was a tie in Room 13 between red delicious and Granny Smith. Room
15 preferred the red delicious! Such a fun way to kick off their apple theme!

Our Kindergarten students are going through a letter boot camp!
Today was letter R so they made rainbow hats, worked on writing the letter R,
and played with rainbow pegs!

3rd Grade has been learning about balanced and unbalanced forces in science.
They took part in tug of war to see if they had a balanced or unbalanced force among one another!
Turns out we have some strong 3rd Graders!

Hawktoberfest was a huge hit!
Here are some of the children enjoying the Reptile show out on the football field!
There was food, jumpys, and entertainment to enjoy!
Hawktoberfest had something for everyone.
Thanks so much to the parish for all of your support with this wonderful event!

Here are some of our younger partygoers enjoying the “Boulderdash” jumpy!
Attendees had a variety of jumpys to choose from not to mention facepainting,
cupcake decorating, dancing, basketball and loads of good food.

Our opening act was the band “HRS” featuring Class of 1978 Alum Hannah Hayes
as well as the choir from Leyden High School
under the direction of Stacy Cunningham, the “S” in HRS.

Rose DeSanto was the keyboard player and the “R” in HRS.
The band was spectacular. Thank you all for sharing your talents with us!

Band started and one of our newest band members,
Jack Wasilewski has a captive audience as he plays his brand new clarinet

for some Preschoolers during extended day! Way to go Jack!
If anyone is still interested in joining band see Mrs. Keelan!

Miss Linnert's 3rd Grade Class visited Mrs. Kelly's 1st Grade Class
to share a special religion lesson about spreading good news!
Both our classes enjoyed the visit!

Room 13, one of our Kindergarten Classes,
said a special prayer to our Blessed Mother on the feast of her birth.
Our students have a beautiful devotion to Mary!

Our Kindergarten students had a great time with their 6th Grade Reading Buddies.
The 6th Grade picked out a special book earlier in the week
and then spent some quality time reading to their Buddy and getting to know them.

Our 3rd Grade students got the opportunity
to take part in a STEM activity called “Saving Fred.”

They had to use the given materials to save Fred the gummy worm
without using their hands to touch him!
Almost all of the 3rd Graders were able to save Fred! What a fun way to learn!

Our Kindergarten students celebrated the end of the first week of school
with popsicles and some fun time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

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