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Mrs. O’Connell says
“Congratulations to Nora, Ashley, and Victor,
our classroom’s first Mathletics Bronze Certificate Winners”!

Mrs. O’Connell’s class is learning about Matter.
Today we explored how liquids take the shape of their containers, but keep the same volume.
We learned that 250 mL is 250 mL, no matter what we pour it into!

Ms. Hayes had a crafting class for Halloween for 1-3 grade students.
The students made Halloween ornaments, listened to music and ate snacks.
Thanks to Ms. Goldsmith and our NJHS students for helping out.
A good time was had by all. Thanksgiving crafts are next!

Here are two of our 4th Grade students enjoying the new reading corner in the Library.
Students have the opportunity to read for pleasure
or for their AR quizzes in a cozy comfortable spot in the Library.
This and all the other changes in the Library are because of generous donations
from the Leahy Family and all of you who attend our Book Fair
which earns us money toward Library purchases.

More updates to the Leahy Library and Media Center.
All new computers that students are able to access during Library or with their teachers.
Students learn how to use a computer and have access to apps for reading, math, typing,
phonics and so much more. We are so pleased with all the improvements in the Library

Ms. Halbauer (6) drives by the same homeless woman
on the corner of 143rd and Harlem every day.

One day she was caught by the light and was able to speak with her briefly.
In Religion class, Ms. Halbauer talked about this woman, and her homeroom decided to “adopt” her.
They began (and continue to) bring in donations of food, gloves, hats, toiletries and money.
Students made cards for the woman whose name we learned was Lisa.
Because of the generosity of the junior high Lisa was able to stay in a hotel on a weekend.

Our 4th Grade observed and recorded data
on how fast or slow different temperatures increased / decreased within a time span.
They also observed how quick warm water molecules
move food dye compared to how slow cold water molecules moved it.

Eighth Grade Student, Sofia Dueñas, was recognized as the
2019 Youth Awardee for Outstanding Service to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Chicago
at the Annual Memorial Mass and Awards Ceremony on October 13.

Sofia is pictured here with Fr. Gerard Kelly, Mr. Harry Ohde, SVDP President,
and Mr. Dick Kress, St. Linus Young Vincentian Moderator. Congratulations Sofia!

Our 7th Grade School and Religious Education Students
led us in praying the Living Rosary.

We prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries with word and song. The students did a wonderful job.
Thanks to Dr. Antos, Fr. Mark, Ms. Mooney and the Ladies Guild
for helping our students make this a prayerful experience.

The Homecoming Parade was a huge success!
Thanks to everyone who helped plan all the wonderful activities.
A big thank you to all the families who marched in the parade a great time was had by all.

The Pep Rally was high energy and our Cheerleaders put on a great show!
Student Council did a great job with all the games.
The students loved seeing the varsity soccer players, girls basketball players
and varsity cheerleaders introduced. We hope they all felt appreciated.

In music the 2nd Graders extended the game “Traffic Lights”.
The conductor / traffic cop lead the class by picking the tempo
at which the xylophones would be improvised.
They also learned a “Harvest Song” that helped reinforce
the half note steady beat they’ve been learning.

In Science today, 3rd Grade was researching the question
“How do astronauts go about their daily lives without gravity in space?”
They discovered many interesting things and enjoyed researching this topic!
The research continues tomorrow!

Our 5th Grade had to find the mass and volume of irregular objects
by using balance scales and graduated cylinders.
They were busy hypothesizing, collecting data, and discussing with their groups!

On Homecoming Weekend we celebrate our Soccer teams and Girls Basketball teams.
Here are two of our Kindergarteners, Finn O’Grady and Nina Clarke, celebrating a great game.
Have you every seen such pure happiness?

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