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Mrs. Lehnerer’s room practicing coordination during P.E.
using the parachute and ball technique. We are so fortunate to have Mr, Kraft,
who uses all the latest techniques to ensure our students are getting
the most during P.E. class.

6th Grader Emily Hennessey working on an Oxidation Lab in Science class!
Students enjoy doing experiments in the Science Lab with Mr. P!

Kindergarten students working at centers during Library!
Learning how to alphabetize, check out books, recognize library vocabulary
and draw pictures of library fun!

6th grade students from Room 29 exploring the various
Literary Genres during their Literature class.

Students at all grade levels have the opportunity to use technology in their art class.
This student is learning shapes using the Mimeo interactive white board!

7th grade students from Room 27 in Art class using iPads
to draw an animal that has similar characteristics to their personality!

Third graders exploring the parts of an egg and writing about it in Science Class!
The students enjoyed the hands-on activity and using science tools to find their answers.

Mrs. O’Connell’s 1st grade class enjoys time outside
on our playground equipment during a beautiful Fall day!

Second and eighth grade have started their Sacramental Buddy Program again this year!
The eighth graders help the second graders prepare for Reconciliation and Communion.
The second graders help the eighth graders be ready for Confirmation.
Students really enjoy this experience.

Mrs. Minarik’s 5th grade class inspects their mold experiments during Science class.
Do you think we have the next Madame Curie or Louis Pasteur in our midst!

Our Preschoolers and Kindergarteners celebrated the Pope’s visit to America
by making their own Miters and talking about where he will be and what he will be doing.

Students in 7th grade are working on their Social Studies "hat" projects,
in which they must pretend to be an important person from the chapter portrayed on their hat.

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