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First graders made Advent wreaths to help them prepare for the birth of Jesus!

A Music Teacher was added to our curriculum this year thanks
to your generosity at the Kentucky Derby Party!
It has been an amazing addition to our school.
Here is one of our kindergarten classes practicing movement to music.

Here is Rian Norris, and Luke Walczak from
1st grade learning how to play the xylophone in music class.
The instruments, scarves and music was purchased with the money from the Derby Party as well.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get the music back in our classes!

Our 3rd Annual Gobble Gobble Run Wobble was a great success!
We had a beautiful day and it was a successful event! Thanks to all!!!

Eric Grajeda 7th Grader, presents Dick Kress with his certificate and gift card as a token
of our gratitude for his service to our country.
It was a great day for St. Linus and for the Veterans.

On November 11th St. Linus School celebrated our 12th annual Veteran’s Day Assembly.
We honored our Veteran’s with word and song as well as a certificate.
The students sang beautifully and their words touched everyone’s hearts!
Thanks Mrs. Brodsky for bringing music back into our classrooms!

Our Room 13 Kindergarteners enjoyed learning how to vote during election week!

Room 16's election on election day!
Voting for Duck or Grace after listening to the stories
Duck for President by Doreen Cronin and Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio.
It was a tight race but Duck Wins! :)

3rd graders have been studying life cycles by raising beetles from larva to pupa to adult.
Today was Independence Day and we were happy to release them into the wild to enjoy
some freedom before the harsh November weather drives them below ground.

Gianna Gute was Librarian for a day after winning the raffle at Hawktoberfest!
She read a story, helped them do research and checked out library books for each student!
Great job Gianna!

Ethan Froylan was also a Hawktoberfest winner.
Lunch of his choice with his favorite teacher and the principal.
Ethan chose KFC as his favorite lunch!

3rd grade had a special visit from Ellie Bruton's father, Mr. Tom Bruton,
who read about US Presidential elections and shared a fun video and treat with the class.
Ellie won the Hawktoberfest raffle prize to invite a special person to read to our class.
Ellie's prize was our prize, too! Thanks, Mr. Bruton and Ellie!

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