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Eighth and Second grade Sacramental Buddies enjoyed working on a Thanksgiving activity
while giving thanks for all the blessings of friendship and working to-gether.

Kindergarten students Austin Cidlik and Jack Wasilowski enjoying the
Peanuts Thanksgiving Feast with Preschool and the rest of Kindergarten.
Hands down buttered toast was the best part of the meal.

Adrianna Fox and Lucy Newton joined the rest of our preschoolers at Brookfield Zoo
to decorate our very own St. Linus Preschool Christmas Tree.
The students used orna-ments they made themselves to decorate the tree
and had the help of their parents and teachers.
What a wonderful way to begin the Christmas Season!

5th grade also enjoyed a science lesson on fungi!
The students spent quality time observing their specimens.
They kept track of changes and made comparisons between their experiment
and others as well as changes in their own experiment over time.

8th graders doing an experiment on the temperature and volume of a gas.
Students had to determine what effect, if any, water temperature had on a gas.

Mrs. Minarik’s 5th grade class enjoyed a visit from a Police Dog
as part of their DARE program instruction.
The DARE program is through our local Oak Lawn Police Force and teaches
our 5th graders how to say no to drugs, make good choices and treat each other with respect.
DARE Officer Jim Cummings has been with us for over 10 years!
We are lucky to have him teach us how to be our best selves!

Mrs. Lehnerer’s 1st grade class working in centers building the “House Maison”.
Our students love any opportunity to work together on projects, especially hands-on ones like this.

Following the Veteran’s Assembly, the veterans and their student sponsors were invited to the
Cardiff Center for treats, and a chance to meet other veterans and
share their stories with students and adults.
This is the Walsh Family, Jimmy, Johnny and Jenny with their dad, John, a veteran of the U.S. Army.

St. Linus School celebrated Veteran’s day once again with a beautiful ceremony
honoring all who have served our country so faithfully.
The music was inspiring thanks to Andy Perz and Lin Gervain!
The students were especially impressed with the choir, filled with many veterans,
who did an outstanding job on “Battle Hymn of the Republic”.
This is Ted Cronin receiving his certificate from his sponsor and friend Johnny Dillon.

The Preschool has been blessed with 15 iPads thanks to Hawktoberfest!
The iPads are loaded with Preschool apps that make learning fun and interactive.
Preschool can choose from Math, Letter, and games to name a few.

Mrs. Curran’s 7th graders working on understanding cell division in Mr. P’s Science class.
Students love the hands on science work and experiments that they get to do in the lab.

Our preschoolers had a visit from Firefighter Keane last week.
He taught them how to stay safe if there is ever a fire.
He also had Mrs. Keane dress up in the fireman gear
to teach the students not to be afraid of a fireman.

Mrs. O’Connell’s 1st grade class had a wonderful time doing a math lesson with Skittles!
Students used the Skittles as math manipulatives to add, subtract and create patterns.
Students got to eat the manipulatives when they finished!

3rd graders enjoying their trip to Lake Katherine where they learned all about insects
and nature through the “Insectigations” Class!
The rain and cold weather did not dampen their experience at all!

Ms. Anderson’s 2nd grade class made up their own
Tongue Twisters and published them in a book.
The students used their vocabulary words to create the very clever “Tongue Twisters”!

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