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Our chicks hatched in Preschool. We had a record number of chicks this year!
10 chicks hatched and the whole school had a great time watching them.
Thanks Mrs. Dougherty for another great adventure!

On Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Seventh Grade celebrated
their own family histories with our first Linus Legacy night!

We were so happy to invite family and friends back into the building.

We had a talent show out on the football field!
Students in Grades 3-8 participated in the show and everyone else came to enjoy the show.
We are blessed with so much talent at St. Linus!

As we prepare for graduation we were delighted to announce that
Ethan Froylan has been named Valedictorian and
Ellie Bruton and Callie Edwards have been named Co-Salutatorians.

We are so very proud of them and all of our graduates.

The First Grade has been learning and identifying pronouns.
They partnered up and got to play a pronoun board game!
They had to give sentences with pronouns based on certain pictures.
They had a lot of fun!

Our 2nd Graders made their First Holy Communion earlier this month.
It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining for the first time in days.
God was smiling on our students and their families on this special day!

Here is a scene from our School Musical, “Bye Bye Birdie”
which was performed at the Erica Heilmann Theatre!

Many of our 5-8 grade students participated and the show was a hit.

On Mother’s Day some of our 1st Communicants and 8th Grade students
were on hand at 10 am Mass to crown the Blessed Mother.

It was a lovely ceremony!

Congratulations to our newly elected NJHS officers.
Kaitlyn Faragoi, Eva Georgelos, Tess Celauro, Maddie Bruton and Gianna Gute.
Congratulations girls!

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