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3rd Grade Science has been studying animals the past few weeks!
To wrap up one of their lessons, they did a fun activity where they observed live footage
of animals at San Diego Zoo. They of course had to write about their observations at the zoo!

Our Kindergarten students have been working on a Lenten promise each day.
Todays promise was to make a picture for a friend.
The students pulled a name from a basket and spent time making a picture for their friend!
They loved sharing their special picture with their friend!

The 4th Graders are learning about inherited traits in Science.
One common physical adaptation organisms have is camouflage.
All of the students did a wonderful job mixing their artistic abilities
and their science knowledge to hide their amphibians!

Our students went to confession for the Lenten Season and before Easter Sunday.
Students were well prepared and enjoyed being in church with Fr. Mark!
It is different than before but still special.

Michael Pila’s (1) grandpa is a bagpiper for the
Chicago Police Department Emerald Society

and played for us during drop off on St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks Pila’s!

Second graders Gavin Gerros and Breana Shostack
show the stories they wrote and illustrated about what they would do
if they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Here are Ava O’Connor, Nola Berg and Mackenzie O’Grady
doing an art project for St. Patrick’s Day.

The kindergarten each painted a Pot O’ Gold to celebrate the holiday!

Here is Nathaniel Hernandez presenting his animal diorama during Library.
3rd Grade had a variety of animals represented including peacocks, giraffes and penguins.

Mr. Miller’s 5th Grade class did very creative projects for their book reports.
They made Dioramas, Board Games, and Timelines just to name a few of the projects!
Way to go 5th Grade.

Our NJHS Officers presiding over the induction ceremony for our new inductees.
We are so proud of our 7th and 8th grade students who have worked so hard
to be inducted to the NJHS .
Here are Liam, Tommy, Julianna, Jack and Charlie! Congratulations to all.

Our Junior High students have been making rosaries for the last couple of weeks.
We hope to donate them to Mercy Circle. Here is Danny Walczak hard at work.

Here is 7th grade doing the Stations of the Cross.
The students led the whole school in the Stations virtually.
They filmed themselves on Thursday
and the school watched it on Friday at our usual Station Time.

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