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Mrs. Minarik’s 5th grade class is working off a little steam
after taking one test and before beginning another.
Students appreciate the chance to get rid of the “willies” during testing.

The students in Ms. Anderson’s 2nd grade class
learning the fine points of tennis and badminton in Mr. Kraft’s PE class!

Eighth graders Michaela James and Rachel Bacon
using the iPads during music to learn how to play the piano.
That is just one of the new ways that students are learning about music.
Students also use recorders, Orff instruments and Ukeleles!
How fortunate we are that our Derby party affords us these things.

5th grader Keira Moran working hard in after school tutoring in the library.
Students get help or give help in any subject every Tuesday and Thursday after school.
It’s a quiet place to get your homework done.

One of our 2nd graders, Jimmy Walsh, from Mrs. Tierney’s class proudly displays
the leprechaun that he made in Ms. Wojnowski’s art class.
For those of us old enough to remember Ms. W is the granddaughter of Deacon Vacca.
She is doing a great job in art and we are lucky to have her.

Ms. Schifferdecker’s 4th grade class taking their Reading Unit test via the internet.
The new reading series gives us the opportunity to combine taking pape
r and pencil tests as well as tests online. The online test is immediately corrected
and lets the students know what skills they need to work on for next time.

Mrs. M’s 7th grade class learning about American History in Social Studies!
They are using the Bright Links and their Think Pads to research the Bill of Rights!
7th grade is the year of the Constitution Test so wish them good luck!

Our 4 Year Old Preschool celebrated Dr. SEUSS' birthday.
We had a "book tasting" where the kids went to different tables to "taste" different Dr. Seuss books.
Then they selected on their menu the book they wanted read to them.

On Ash Wednesday our newly confirmed 8th graders participated in delivering Ashes
to our students, teachers, parents and guests at our Ash Wednesday Prayer Service.
Thank you to all who participated and all who attended.

Mrs. Revis’ Kindergarten class showing off their Coral Reefs
that they made as part of their Science lesson on the Oceans!

A big shout out to Afton Vanek and George Partin for participating in helping out at the
Mobile Food Pantry at the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels!
Thank you to Mr. Ryan for organizing the event.

Our outstanding Children’s Choir singing beautifully during our all-school
Ash Wednesday prayer service. Our choir can be heard at all school Masses,
at Sunday family Masses and the occasional prayer service. We are very proud of them.

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