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Third Grade sings “My Shot” from Hamilton
and learns about the colors and stripes of the American Flag.
Pictured here is Matthew Brennan.

Here are two of our preschoolers,
T.J. Ziolkowski and Juan Pablo Hagen working on their alphabet in Mrs. Keane’s room.

Another great week at Sunsational Summer Camp! This was “Cowboy Week”!
These campers did not let those clouds coming in keep them from having a great time!

Here are the 1st Graders from Mrs. Lehnerer’s room learning how to read a map.

Here are our campers and our camp counselors having a good time at
Sunsational Summer Camp
playing outside during one of our beautiful days.

7th Grader, Sara Cooper explores sounds and beginning chords on the ukulele in music class.

Let's measure it!
The second grade students are practicing their measuring skills.
Here are Lucas Rios and Michael McGrane measuring their gym shoes to see how long they are.
We also measured our big toes!

After a conversation on who they thought would win the NBA championship series,
the first grade boys decided to create their own championship game
with the gatorskin balls and play structure.
It was really fun watching them take this idea and make it happen with the resources they had!

Third graders running out to the picnic on the last day of school.
Have you ever seen such joy?
Here are Erin Trapani and Andi Brooks trying to be the first 3rd graders on the field.

Here is 3 year old Preschool enjoying a tasty treat on the last day of school out
by our beautiful Jesus and the Little Children Statue.
It was a great year in preschool!

These 7th graders had the opportunity to walk over to Pluto’s
and get a delicious lunch because of their good behavior all year!
We are very proud of each and every one of them.
We look forward to more being able to attend next year.

Here are our 6th graders taking advantage of their day at Pluto’s.
The teachers took them over to Pluto’s to get lunch
because of their good behavior all year. Way to go 6th grade!

Ms. Hayes and some of our new student leadership pose with people
from 7-11 who awarded us $711 to help our theatre program and our end of the year picnic.
Thank you so much to 7-11 for their generosity.

Here are some of our 3rd graders enjoying the end of the year picnic.
There was face painting, jumpies, hot dogs and fun to be had by all.
It was a “Great year to be a Hawk”

Our 6th graders celebrated their EDGE graduation
with a ceremony in the Cardiff Center the last week of school.
The students read essays they wrote about what they learned
about staying away from gangs and staying out of trouble.

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