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Here are 1st Graders, Jonathan Moran, Davi Centeno and Billy Brown from Room 15
dressed as 100 year olds to celebrate the 100th day of school.

Here is Alexandra Garcia from Kindergarten Room 13
playing her violin for her class. She did a beautiful job.

One of our Catholic School’s Week activities
was to write thank you cards for our servicemen.

7th Grade took on this worthy project.

Here is 2nd Grader Rian Norris in Music Class.
Here he is learning how to read music before he starts to play his xylophone.
The students enjoy singing, dancing and playing instruments during music class.

St. Linus hosted a 6th Grade Basketball Tournament
and our team lasted almost until the end.
Here is Jimmy Lyons racing down the court to make a basket.
Photograph courtesy of George Partin Jr. 7th Grade.

Dr. Stritch came by and gave a talk to the 8th Graders about WWII.
He had a video and slide presentation as well as all kinds of
wonderful and meaningful WWII memorabilia.

Room 9 has started our Rocking Chair Reading Program,
where we invite Grandparents to our room to read to the children.
Elizabeth's Grandma was our first reader and the class loved her story!

The fourth graders are designing a stamp
to honor the Cherokee people while studying the Southeast.
Great job Anthony, Nick and Ellie!

The fifth graders are using IPads to research their favorite saint.
Then, they will create a web page for their saint. Did St. Linus make the cut?

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