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6th grader Natalie Polzin is working at the document camera
locating the topic sentence and supporting details within a text.
The students also used this technology to share the outlines
they created for the text to organize their ideas.

The 2016 Distinguished Alumnae, (left) Val DeFries Wadhams and Mary DeFries Fecht!
They are excellent examples of what it means to live a genuinely Catholic life.
Thank you Val and Mary for all you have done for St. Linus!

One of our 6th grade basketball teams got to meet Archbishop Cupich
when he attended a number of games being played at Christ the King School.
The Archbishop was making the rounds last weekend
by attending various athletic events around the Archdiocese.
He sat with a few of our recent STL graduates at the Peace/McAuley game
the day before and told our principal how impressed he was with them.

Our preschool students used their new Bright Link Interactive projector
to classify which animals live in the Arctic and which animals do not.
The preschool class is enjoying using all their new technology
including iPads as well as their new Bright Link.
Many thanks to everyone who has supported St. Linus school over the years.
It is because of your generosity that we are able to educate our students
using 21st Century techniques and equipment!

7th grader Jack Vulich annotating his Scope article during Literature class
using the brand new Bright Link Interactive projector!
The students are very excited about all the new technology
that has been made available to them this school year!

More pictures of our students using some of the new technology
that was installed over Christmas break!
Our Junior High and 4-year-old Preschool students
came back to Interactive projectors in their classrooms.
It was quite the Christmas gift for students and teachers.
In the weeks ahead more projectors will be installed as well as
document cameras and our 6th graders will be receiving
Think Pads as we begin the process of going 1:1.

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