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Nicholas Mutnansky showing off his reading skills in Ms. Anderson’s 2nd grade class.
Our new Reading series has online components that can be accessed on the Brightlink.

Our 8th graders had a Science Fair in February 2017 and did a wonderful job.
Here is Ian Talty showing off his experiment to Matt Quattrocchi!
All the students visited the Science Fair and were very impressed! Way to go 8th grade!

Here is Mrs. Lehnerer’s 1st grade class working on a science experiment of their own.
They were trying to determine which solid melts 1st, 2nd 3rd and so on.
This group will be very ready for the Science Fair when they get to 8th grade!!!

St. Linus is filled with beautiful music!
Here are our 3rd graders teaching their partners rhythm patterns on the instruments.
Here are Caris Umecker and Maddie Marin jamming out during music class.

Another picture of 3rd grade using our brand new instruments to learn about rhythm and patterns.
These pictures are a small look at some of the wonderful things we were able to purchase
with last year’s Derby money!

Look at those smiling faces.
Here is Kindergarten Room 16 dancing and moving to the music Mrs. Brodsky is playing.
Mrs. Brodsky’s goal is for the students to move in time to the music that is playing.
Their goal is to boogie down.

During Library, 5th grade testing their knowledge of Valentine's Day with a Kahoot! quiz.
This picture shows the iPads and Brightlink working together.
Anything the student touches on the iPad is synched up to the Brightlink.

Room 16 kindergarten reading their new story on the Brightlinks!
Students took turns leading the class in the reading.

Here is preschool student Alexis Slade with her grandparents during Rocking Chair Readers day!
The students’ grandparents come in and read a story to the class! A good time was had by all!

Our preschool class is using their new Bright Link board
to learn how different animals behave and what they look like.

Here are some of our 6th graders working collaboratively using their Think Pads in writing class.

Congratulations to 7th grader Sebastian Drag on being named to the
Brother Rice All Tournament Team because of how well he played with St. Linus
during a recent Brother Rice grammar school tournament. Great job Sebastian!

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