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Our 4-year-old preschool celebrated Polar Express Day by wearing their pj’s,
hearing the story and making treats! A good time was had by all.

Emmett Dougherty and Lexie Slade from 4-year-old preschool
are making treats on Polar Express Day!

Our 3rd and 4th graders did an outstanding job retelling the story of Christ’s birth.
They used word, song and dance to retell the beautiful story of Our Lord’s birth.
They were shepherds, kings, angels, narrators and students and of course Mary and Joseph.

Our 8th graders have been working with their 2nd grade Sacramental buddies
to get them ready for 1st Communion.

Ella Trybula and friends having fun working on the Bright Link in Mrs. Revis’ Kindergarten class.

Our 1st graders did a beautiful job at the Christmas Concert,
singing, dancing and playing instruments. Here is Maeve Willette on the xylophone.
Great job kids!

Our 1st graders learning to count to 20 in Spanish using the BriteLinks.
The BriteLink gives the students a very interactive way to learn Spanish.

Our fourth graders earned their White Belt on the recorders in music class.
The better they are at playing them the more belts they earn.
Fourth grade has taken very well to learning the recorders.

Mrs. Revis’ kindergarten class decorating their Christmas tree.
All of our classes are preparing for the birth of our Lord.

Kindergarten student Erwin Jonson learning to count frames of 10 with our Bright links.

Our students did a beautiful job reenacting the story of Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe
during the parish Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration.
This is the scene where an image of Our Lady appears on Juan Diego’s tilma or cloak.
Alyssa Romo, Eric Grajeda, Luke Rosales and Conor Talty appear in this scene.

Arie Centeno as principal for a day!
Arie won this in a raffle during the Father/Daughter Dance.
Arie was able to observe classrooms and do a little paperwork.

1st graders Nathalie, Sici and Parker sharpening their math skills
during first grade center time in Mrs. Lehnerer’s class.

Our student council elves helped St. Nicholas deliver candy canes
to our little students on December 6th, the Feast of St. Nicholas.
A special thanks to Nieve Boland, Morgan Lyons, Shannon Condon and Jack Stifter.

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