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Our Kindergarten Classes went on a Field Trip to Barracos!
They leanerd how to make pizza. They has a tour of the kitchen and
watched them prepare the pizzas and then create their own pizzas and ate them.
What a wonderful trip. A good time was had by all.

Here are our 5th Grade Students presenting the Stations of the Cross
to the rest of the school during our last Friday in school before Easter break.
This is Olivia O'Grady and Drew Yerkey presenting one of the stations.

Our 5th Grade Students created a living Wax Museum under the direction of Mr. Miller.
They researched famous people and did a presentation for the school as those people's wax figures.
It was very well done. Great job 5th Grade and Mr. Miller!

Ms. Benigno’s 3rd Grade Class enjoying their new reading rug.
It was one of the items we purchased thanks to everyone's generosity at the Book Fair.
We were given over $4,000 to spend on items for the classrooms.
We got books, rugs and microscopes for starters. We are not done yet!

We had three Cyber Safety presentations!
The Students in 4-8 Grade learned a lot about how to keep themselves safe
and protected when using the internet.
The parents were invited to a presentation in the evening geared toward them and
how they can keep their children safe! It was very informative.

Mrs. Schifferecker’s 3rd Grade Class had a great time with a Sparkle Spelling Bee!
The words got progressively harder the longer the kids stayed in.
Logan Loya and Sofia Augustiniak were the last two standing and Logan eventually won!
Great job Room 7!

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