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Mrs. Revis’s class completed a Science unit on the Coral Reef.
The students learned many interesting facts, did writing and art activities,
and had fun creating their own Coral Reefs.

The 4th Graders took time out of their busy day
to read to the preschoolers during Library!

The students used the Library and the hallway.

The 4th Graders in Ms. Hurley’s class wrote their own creative stories
with many interesting characters and wonderful dialogue.

They loved reading their stories to their classmates and making them guess the moral to the story!

On the one sunny day we had before break
we treated the students and staff to Rainbow Cone!

The Rainbow Cone truck pulled up and dished out their tasty treats all morning.
What a great time we had!

Mrs. Newman’s Kindergarten Class studied earthworms.
They learned about their life cycle, habitat, eating habits and life span.

Before break our 5th Graders held a Living Wax Museum.
They did an awesome job researching their subjects.
The students did a great job pretending to be their subjects.
The other students enjoyed touring the museum. Way to go 5th Grade!!!

Here are three of our 2nd Graders working on a science project
comparing fruits and vegetables and their characteristics.
Finn O’Grady, Zoey Zawacki and Dominick Turwon.

We had a dress down day for Ukraine and raised over $1100
to send to Catholic Relief Services who are doing great work in Ukraine.
Way to go St. Linus community.

During Religion Class, Mrs. Romo took her 7th Grade Class to church
for Adoration of the Eucharist with Fr. Ryan.

The students spent over 30 minutes in silent prayer.
It was a beautiful time for all.

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