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During Easter break we had new doors installed
where 4-8 Grade enters and exits each day.

Thank you to all of our wonderful parishioners
whose generosity makes improvements like this possible.
We are so lucky to have you in our corner.

4th Grade found fractions with the jelly beans,
discussed the probability of selecting a certain color,
and then tried to build the tallest jelly bean fort.
Here are Nate, Evan and Andrew working hard.

The Preschool Students in Mrs. Dougherty’s Room made resurrection rolls in school.
The children watched the Beginner Bible story of Easter and as Jesus was buried
in the tomb the children placed a marshmallow (Jesus) in crescent roll dough (the tomb).
As we continued to watch the story the rolls were cooked.
The children then opened their rolls to find Jesus (the marshmallow) was no longer there,
just as Jesus resurrects from his tomb.
It was a great concrete visual to help the students understand the events of Holy Week.

Andrew Mucksavage and Ethan Froylan also did a great job at the
Wisdom Lenon Worth Township Spelling Bee.
Congratulations Boys!

Please help us congratulate 7th Grader Alan Treto who came in 3rd in the
Wisdom Lenon Worth Township Spelling Bee.
Way to go Alan!

Mrs. Revis’ class recently studied the Coral Reef and did their best to recreate it.
Here is room 13 showing off their recreation of the Coral Reef outside their classroom.
Kindergarten thinks Science is fun!

Our 8th Grade and 2nd Grade share a special bond during the school year.
They are Sacramental Buddies and the 8th graders help the 2nd Graders
prepare for Reconciliation and 1st Holy Communion. In turn they prepare for Confirmation.
Here is Sean Stalker and Rory O’Connor! God Bless them!

These two young men were chosen to go down state during the Chicago History Fair!
We are so proud of Alan Treto and Markie Wantuck.
This is our 2nd year in a row making it down state for History Fair! Way to go!!!

Our Junior High students started making rosaries for the homebound in our parish.
The students worked in groups and helped each other out and did a great job.
A shout out to Mrs. Gute and Mrs. Salazar who spearheaded this project.
Here are Gina, Grace, Kate and Mrs. Salazar working on their rosaries.

During Library, Room 15, Kindergarten played an exciting game of musical chairs
where the students read a book that was on the chair they found when the music stopped!
A great time was had by all.

Our work is on display once more at the Oak Lawn Public Library.
This time it is the work of our 7th and 8th Graders.

Their State and Country Reports. Stop on by and see them.

To practice paragraph writing using adjectives,
the students in Miss Anderson's class wrote descriptive paragraphs about a food product.

They had to give their product an original name and use at least four adjectives to describe it.
They then had the opportunity to type their advertisement in the computer lab choosing
the script style they liked best.
Pictured: Elle Kennedy and Jane Hornung.

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