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Our 7th graders had a wonderful time on their trip to Springfield.
They visited the Lincoln Museum, Lincoln’s home, the Old State Capitol and Lincoln’s tomb.
The students enjoyed stepping into history!

Our primary students were treated to a visit from Mother Goose.
The students became a part of the stories and everyone had a great time!

Our 7th graders did an outstanding job on their History Fair projects!
Here are Alex, Johnny, Sammy and Kian who did a report on the Mafia in Chicago in the 20’s!

Our students raised about $1,000 for the Rice bowl Campaign this Lent.
This is on the heels of our Baby bottle fundraiser that raised money for Catholic women’s shelter.
Thank you students for being so generous.

Our 3rd graders are taking part in a cabbage growing contest.
Prizes are awarded to the students who grow the best cabbages.
Here are Jonathan Grajeda and Bridget James showing off their cabbage plants.

Here is Mrs. Newman’s kindergarten room using their Bright Link to practice addition.
Way to go kindergarten!

Our 3-6 grade students went to see Marist High School’s production of
Once Upon a Mattress at the Baer Theatre at Morgan Park Academy!
Here is a picture of our 5th graders outside the theatre!

Our NJHS students made a trip to Feed My Starving Children
where they packed 98 cases of food which equals 42,986 bags for the hungry in Kenya!
Here is Sean Stalker, Sammy McNamara and Alex Soriano working hard.

The FTC treated all of our students to a performance of the Melikin Puppets!
The Melikin Puppets were staples here at St. Linus in the 70’s and 80’s and it was wonderful
to bring them back and introduce them to a whole new generation. Thank you FTC!

Ms. Anderson’s class did a science experiment on how activity effects heart rate
and Mrs. Trybula and Mrs. Mucksavage came in to help.
They taught the children how to find and count their pulse and listen to heart with a stethoscope.
Here are Mrs. and Brianna Trybula and Ricky Sanchez during the experiment.

Room 16 practicing counting pennies, nickels, and dimes as part of our Math chapter on money.

Our kindergarteners took their annual pilgrimage to Barracos
to learn how to make and eat pizza.
The chef takes them through it step by step and they get to each make their own pizza
and then enjoy eating it. What a great time they had!

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