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6th Grader James Healy is answering questions during Science class.
He is using the Bright Link projector and a special pen to put the answers on the white board!

Mrs. Lehnerer’s 1st Grade Class is welcoming Spring with colorful artwork.

After studying outer space in the class room, art takes a trip into space as well!
Annie Boland, Charlie Murray, and Olivia Mullarkey show off their solar systems.

5th Grader Brendan Kenny and his teacher Mrs. Minarik
pose with his 1st place trophy and certificate after winning 1st place in the Regional Spelling Bee!
Gabby Tsamis and Afton Vanek also participated! Great job students!

5th graders Joey Heilmann and Jenna Doan
working on their classroom art project for the Kentucky Derby!
Each class has a special donation for the Auction at the Derby! Please join us for a wonderful time.

Spring has sprung in the art room!
Kindergarten works on caterpillars this week and will make butterflies next week.
Meanwhile their creations are displayed amongst the rainbow garden of 1st grade,
the field of flowers of 2nd and the red poppies of 4th grade.
Each of these projects were an exploration of color, both of the rainbow and color value.
Red becomes pink when we add white, changing it's value in essence pink on light red!

Tommy Boland giving a presentation on the Wetlands during a Science lesson.
Teachers are finding something new to do with our BrightLinks everyday.

4th Grade's volleyball season ended with the Southside Catholic Conference Round Robin
a couple of weeks ago. Great season girls! Awesome job coaches!

Our 8th grade class did an outstanding job on their 8th grade musical revue last week!
“We go Together” featured some spectacular singing and dancing. It was so much fun to watch!

1st Grader Erin Trapani takes the study of how to make change,
during a Math lesson on money, very seriously.
The students really love using the new technology to enhance their academic experience.

5th Graders Sara Mullarkey and Sara Cooper learning about geometric shapes, vertices
and bases in their math class. Students enjoy working in pairs and completing hands-on activities.

Mrs. Lehnerer’s 1st Grade Class shows off their Abraham Lincoln
projects that they made to honor Lincoln to celebrate his birthday.

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