House of Hawk Experience

> Food and Drinks

Price includes a dinner buffet with an appetizer (fried corn fritters), a tossed salad, fried chicken, meatballs & sausage, pasta, potato and a vegetable. Also includes two (2) different draft beers and house wines (merlot, cabernet, pinot grigio, moscato, riesling, chardonnay, and white zinfandel).

> Games

“Gift Card Grab”

Every pick is a winner!! $10 to pick a card. Winner get corresponding envelope (for example you draw a 10 of clubs from the deck, you get the envelope with a 10 of clubs on it). Inside each envelope is a gift card values between $25-100 for various restaurants.

“Pull My Cork”

Pay $10 for a chance to win top shelf liquor or a tasty bottle of wine. Everyone wins every time! Pull your cork from the bowl and match your number to a prize. Will it be a bottle of Patron, Santa Margherita or Jack Daniels? Play for a chance to find out if you pulled a top shelf cork or a bottom shelf cork.


> Raffle Baskets

A selection of high-end raffle baskets will be raffled off at 9 pm on House of Hawk Music Fest Day.

Raffle baskets TBD (pricing may change).

Pictures and Descriptions of Baskets to be posted!

> Entertainment

Troy Guy and Lucy Love

Tim “Spinnin” Schommer

Pablo “Punkout” Gonzalez

Gino “Rockin” Romo

Bobby D

> Photos

A photographer will be available with a great 90s throwback themed backdrop and props to take pictures at event for $5 each!