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Father Mark’s Desk - December 9, 2018
Second Sunday of Advent
“John went throughout the whole region of the Jordan,
proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins...”

Dear Parishioners,

So, it was the summer of 1976, our country was celebrating its bicentennial, I was entering junior year of high school, and I was on a mission. 7-UP offered bicentennial collectible cans, (the old tin ones), one can for each state. If all fifty cans were collected they could be put in a pyramid form to make a picture of Uncle Sam. My mission was to collect all 50 cans. I went through entire display cases of 7-UP cans in stores all around the neighborhood. I eventually reached my goal, collecting all 50 cans. I built the pyramid for all to see. And while I was underwhelmed at the enthusiasm my project generated among those I knew, I was certain if I held on to them, someday, everyone would want to see them and they would certainly be worth a lot of money. Well, I have reached a crossroads in my life all these years later. Should I keep the cans or not?? I realize it is an insignificant decision, but to be honest, it would be sentimentally difficult to discard them at this point. (And, having looked at e-bay, I will not become wealthy selling them!!)

Letting go of something, especially if it has longevity, can be difficult. Going through an estate of a loved one, can generate the scenario of having to let go.

When John the Baptist appears in the desert, he is proclaiming a forgiveness of sins. The longevity of these sins may be generations long. Being forgiven of sin, means letting go of it, not being defined by it any longer. What John proclaims, forgiveness of sins, is a necessary precursor to the arrival of the Messiah, Jesus. The arrival of Jesus is the beginning of new life, absent of sin. This life can only be achieved in embracing Christ and abandoning, letting go of, sin.

As we continue our celebration of Advent, is there a sin, given or received, you hold onto? Are you ready, prepared for the merciful love of Jesus to take the place of your sin? Or, will you still hold on??


On Tuesday, December 11, we will have an Advent Evening of Reflection in Church at 7 pm. The presenter will be Fr. Dominic Clemente, Associate Pastor of St. Edward Parish on the Northside.


On Tuesday, December 18, our 3rd and 4th Grade will present their Christmas Pageant in church at 6 pm. All are invited.

The Blessings of Christ our King!
Father Joe - St. Linus Parish Associate Pastor

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